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Carole King


“I feel the earth move” performance

I just saw a Carole King performance at the Whitehouse tonight, on PBS. Although she looked totally different from the 70s hippie singer I remember when growing up, the songs she sang were just as memorable as they ever were. Listening to her and James Taylor tonight made me want to step back in time. Those truly were the days of singer songwriters.

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Jane Fonda in the 70s


I remember watching Jane Fonda movies in the 70s. She was “hot” and very sexy. Even though she was a bombshell in her younger years, she became an activist for things that matter, and this is ultimately what I love about her. Check out that outfit in the middle. Very status quo for those times.

Women’s Fashion Catalog 1972


This is classic. Sears Catalog women’s fashion pages from 1972. Styles include bathing suits, suits and dressses, primary colors, afro hairstyles, boy cut jeans and what was the NEW material of the day … Polyester! Gotta love this.

Check it out at Jezabel.

Favorite Fashion Models of 60s, 70s, & 80s: Where Are They Now?


Came across this site, Favorite Fashion Models of 60s, 70s, & 80s: Where Are They Now?. I really like the pics of Twiggy. I remember Jerry Hall being Mick Jagger’s longtime girlfriend. Eventually they married and had 4 children. I had a friend in high school, Marie Locke, who was infatuated with the Stones. Stands to reason, I knew everything about them! She loved Jerry Hall for Jagger.

Elle Magazine 80s Flashback


Elle magazine has been around since 1945. French in origin, this magazine has extensive worldwide appeal. I believe there are 42 international versions to date. Most popular with 18 -49 year old women, this magazine has stood the test of time. It is the world’s largest women’s fashion magazine. Click here to view a fashion slide show of Elle magazine in the 1980s.

The Best 1980s Swimsuits


A collection of the top 1980s swimsuits featured in Sports Illustrated. Models include Paulina Porizkova, Kathy Ireland, Elle Macpherson and Christie Brinkley. Notice how skimpy the bathing suits are here, compared to the 1970s collection!
Click here to view slide show.

Twiggy modelling, dancing and being interviewed


Twiggy is one of the best known models of all time. She started modelling in the 60s and carried on into the 70s. I love this video of her. She is so young and pretty.

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The Fashion of the 80s


80’s fashion trends created a revolution in the fashion industry, with the oversized shirt and sweatshirts worn by women. Another important aspect of the 80’s fashion was Madonna’s style. Her ability to revamp her style every now and then, created various different styles for her during the 80’s. The fashion trends of the 80’s were versatile and had many different features that became famous and a hit among the general masses.

Check out more at:

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The Fashion of the 70s


Fashion in the 1970s was daring, carefree, and diverse. For women, skirts ranged from extremely long to drastically short and fabrics were bright and boldly patterned. Men wore their shirts tight, their trouser-legs wide and their moustaches long. ‘Hippie’ styles of dress entered the mainstream and new ethnic-inspired fashion imitated styles from all corners of the world.
1970s fashion was varied and changed frequently, but always liked to shock – whether it was towering platform shoes, huge bell-bottom flares, or tight, shiny, disco-inspired hot pants.

Continue reading at: Fashion in the 1970s

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