MacPaint, an original Macintosh software


With the death of Steve Jobs, I can’t help but think back to my first days of using an Apple computer … back in the mid 80s.

Within walking distance from my home, existed a church with a neighborhood training center. I remember going there to get free training on the new fashionable trend … computers. Being a graphic arts student, I thought I’d learn the ropes on a Macintosh computer, as it had a graphical interface and two graphics programs – MacPaint and MacDraw. These two software programs were revolutionary. They allowed you to draw sketches, technical illustrations and freehand art. They came with a variety of fonts and styles. You could add text from other programs. I found them both easy to learn and easy to understand. MacPaint was a bitmap program and MacDraw was vector based. Both of these were a huge step forward from the alternative of the day … IBM’s green text across a black screen!

So many years have passed, and I am still using the Mac. MacPaint and MacDraw are no longer around, but in their place we have software giants Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


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