Do you ever find yourself thinking back to memories of your childhood and wishing you could relive some of those times. We all wanted to grow up and thought that life as an adult would be so much better. Ha! My mother was right when she said that the best years of your life are your school years. I was very shy and thought that I did not fit in at times. After all I was a Sri Lankan girl in the midst of Australia. Nevertheless, I had some fun years and formed many close friendships.

This blog represents anything and everything 70s and 80s related. Music, fashion, events, news, sports and anything else I can think of. With such a wide latitude of subject matter, plan on reading new posts daily.

This was how I looked back in the day.

Another photo, some years later.

The house I grew up in in Melbourne Australia. It’s still around, but there have been changes. My grandparents used to live in a flat behind the garage. That’s gone, and so is the garage. Now we have a new house built on the back of the lot. My parents have moved into that one, and sold the original house. For me though, home will always be the old house.


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  1. Hey I know Dessie she lived in Shreveport la was married to a military man named John G Dixon then I think she married someone else but I forgot his name Dessie and I where really close friends for a number of years in late 1995 she has two beautiful daughters that I know of. I haven’t heard from her since she remarried in around 1997 or 98.

  2. Thanks for updated info on Desiree. I have been trying to locate her for years. Do you remember her talking about moving to somewhere like Arizona? What about her sister Sylvia? Remember her married name at all?

  3. Well I don’t know much about her sister I only heard her speak of her and yes Desiree did live in Arizona prior to moving to Shreveport I believe it was Tuscon Arizona her husband at that time name was johnny gene Dixon I’m not her what her new husband name is I think his last name is Henderson but not at all sure. I know her oldest daughter is sharie dixon but not sure how to spell it. I hope you find her and her sister, good luck by the way name is Cynthia R Maxwell. Best of luck

  4. Thanks Cynthia. I appreciate you writing back. I have searched on Facebook for Sheree and John but haven’t come up with anything yet. Will try Henderson too. I hope I find her someday. It’s been way too long.

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