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My family

The Misso Family


Auntie Naomi, Antie Edna and Dappho. Auntie Naomi, Uncle Aylan and Enrico came out from Sri Lanka and lived with us for maybe a year or so. What good times we had. They became my favorite family. Enrico, Darren and I grew up together and went everywhere and did everything together.




Leontine lived with my Nana in Sri Lanka and looked after her. She did the cooking and cleaning, among other things. I remember her taking me for a walk along the beach when I was about 3 years old. My Dad and uncles would take it in turns going back to Sri Lanka to check on Nana and Leontine throughout the years. She never forgot our birthdays and would always send a card.

My Dad


My Dad, as he looked back then. I remember him wearing suits with bell bottom pants. He did a lot of work with the Vietnamese refugees. He taught them English and they taught him Tai Chi. He was big activist and stood up for injustice. He loved his cricket and tennis, and still does.