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My pets



Monty was the name of my second cat. Monty was a trooper, and as you can see, we involved him in the cricket scene too. He was a beautiful ginger color.




My neighbor’s dog Sabby. Such a beautiful dog. She would see me walking, come running to meet me, then walk the rest of the way home with me. One of the friendliest and loveable dogs I have ever known.



My grandparents dog, Sandy. He was always trying to escape from the backyard to run the streets. In those days, dogs were allowed to move around freely. My grandfather didn’t think that Sandy was street wise enough to be out there on his own.

Lucki Kallicharran


My beautiful Lucki. I remember bringing her home with me on the bus from school. She was just a kitten and looked like a black ball of fluff. Mum and Dad were having a party that night and we had to gate up the laundry room so she wouldn’t get trampled on by the guests. She became more that just another cat to us … that is myself, my brother Darren and cousin Enrico. We named her Lucki Kallicharran after the cricket star Alvin Kallicharran. She followed us all over the place, and was very well loved.