Ashford and Simpson


Ashford and Simpson were one of my favorite groups of the 70s. Their songs were so good. Writing music was their forte, and they wrote hit songs for many big name artists. I particularly remember this blue album cover of “Gimme something Real”. I used to play this LP over and over in my room, on my little Sanyo turntable. I loved the way Valerie wore her hair and wished I could duplicate her style. With the death of Nick Ashford, we lost a brilliant singer/songwriter.

Check out – Something Real: In Memory of Nickolas Ashford.


Sunil Gavaskar’s 29th Test century


Sunil Gavaskar is arguably one of the best batsman of all time. Some would say that 27 years ago, playing in an innings against the West Indies … which by the way, included two of the fastest bowlers of all time … Michael Holding and Malcolm Marshall, he played one of the best innings ever witnessed. Not intimidated, he launched an all out batting attack against them. Instead of ducking from bouncers, he decided to use the hook shot to his advantage. Some have compared Gavaskar’s innings to that of Sir Donald Bradman or Gary Sobers. He reached his half-century off 37 balls and took only 57 more to record his 29th century. Only one other player has achieved this feat – Sir Donald Bradman.

Favorite Fashion Models of 60s, 70s, & 80s: Where Are They Now?


Came across this site, Favorite Fashion Models of 60s, 70s, & 80s: Where Are They Now?. I really like the pics of Twiggy. I remember Jerry Hall being Mick Jagger’s longtime girlfriend. Eventually they married and had 4 children. I had a friend in high school, Marie Locke, who was infatuated with the Stones. Stands to reason, I knew everything about them! She loved Jerry Hall for Jagger.

Billboard number one songs of the 70s


The 70s era produced great music. Artists really had to be able to “sing” to get a recording contract. They had to be able to perform live and exhibit raw talent, whether singing or dancing, or both. “Billboard #1s: The ‘70s” is a two CD set featuring songs that made it to number one on the Billboard charts in the 70s. Although some of my favorite artists are excluded from this collection, it represents a wide selection of material. Some of my favorites are “Your so vain” by Carly Simon, “Good Times” by Chic, “Bad Girls” by Donna Summer and “Heart of Glass” by Blondie. Whether you grew up listening to these songs, or are just curious to listen to music from another era, this album is worth a listen.



When I heard that they were remaking the movie Sparkle, it made me think back to the musical soundtrack that accompanied the original movie. Aretha Franklin sang the songs and Curtis Mayfield wrote the soundtrack. It remains one of my favorite albums to date, and I can honestly say that I love every song. The movie cast included names such as Philip Michael Thomas, Lonette McKee, Irene Cara, and Dwan Smith. I am not a big fan of movie remakes so I have a hard time believing that it will top the original, but that remains to be seen.

Watch the Sparkle Trailer

Download Sparkle, the original movie

Download Sparkle, the original soundtrack

Grammy Awards Photo Gallery 70s and 80s


The Grammys Awards show was a big deal during the 1970s and 1980s. It was THE music awards show of the year. There was no MTV or VH1. If you were a teenager or young person, you definitely watched the Grammys. This gallery of images from the 70s and 80s is really awesome. There are photos of David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, among others.

Click here to view the photo gallery of top music artists who attended, were nominated, or won Grammys during the 70s and 80s.

Elle Magazine 80s Flashback


Elle magazine has been around since 1945. French in origin, this magazine has extensive worldwide appeal. I believe there are 42 international versions to date. Most popular with 18 -49 year old women, this magazine has stood the test of time. It is the world’s largest women’s fashion magazine. Click here to view a fashion slide show of Elle magazine in the 1980s.