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The Jacksons at Montengo Casino CA


Marlon Jackson image

The Jacksons concert at Montengo Casino in Cabazon was again, an awesome performance. These guys are still as great as they ever were. All the brothers in sync, just like years ago. Although I saw the same performance last month in Saratoga, I enjoyed myself at this concert just the same. The Montengo Ballroom isn’t the greatest for sound, but it didn’t matter. The concert was a non stop party from the get go. Opening with “Can You Feel It” then keeping it going with a bunch of uptempo hits, the audience was alive and partying.

This time around I used my photo press pass to get in, and although there wasn’t a “pit” near the stage, I managed to get a couple of good shots of the performance when they opened up the area at the front of the stage. (PR was supposed to tell photographers that we would be shooting from the back of the room.) Another highlight of the evening was meeting a former BET photographer who wowed me with a wealth of stories.

Back to the performance … Marlon once again stole the show. He had a lot of energy and danced up a storm, while also playing host. He really looked in his element, and I can only guess that he has probably missed not performing at times. He and Michael were always my favorites, so it was magical for me to see Marlon up close twice in the last four weeks.

Jermaine put on a great show also and performed some of his solo hits, namely Dynamite, Do What You Do and Let’s Get Serious. Jermaine has such a beautiful voice and he sounded great. I also noticed his wife Halim in the audience. She looked beautiful in a very pretty fuschia colored dress.

Tito was Tito, and funked it up on guitar. I would love to see him perform with his blues band one day. Jackie did his job also, singing, dancing and on occasion taking the lead. He strikes me as a very nice person and was very personable.

All in all, it was another stellar performance by the Jacksons. Michael may not have been there, but his spirit definitely was. His brothers not only performed Jackson Five/Jacksons songs, but sang numerous MJ numbers as well. They did him proud. It looks like the Unity Tour is heading overseas soon, and who knows, if they make another stop in CA, I might just be there too.


The Jacksons Unity Tour, Mountain Winery, Saratoga CA


I drove up to Saratoga CA last Friday to see the Jacksons in concert. OMG it was totally awesome! It was as if they never left. In my opinion, Marlon stole the show. He announced, sang and danced up a storm. Brought tears to my eyes and sure brought back memories. I was totally crazy over Marlon and Michael, and for years, bought every picture, magazine clipping etc I could find on them. Those were the days of “Right On” magazine and the exclusive pictures and interviews they were privy to. I remember the magazine edition that had a double spread picture of Michael laying by the pool. I remember that picture like it was yesterday. We didn’t always appreciate those days, but I am glad I grew up in the 70s. Musicians had to have talent. The Jacksons were no exception, and they proved that they still have “it” so many years later. Jackie Jackson mentioned in an interview that they might have a permanent home for the show in Vegas. I say yea to that. You know who’ll be sitting in the front row!

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