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The Jacksons Unity Tour, Mountain Winery, Saratoga CA


I drove up to Saratoga CA last Friday to see the Jacksons in concert. OMG it was totally awesome! It was as if they never left. In my opinion, Marlon stole the show. He announced, sang and danced up a storm. Brought tears to my eyes and sure brought back memories. I was totally crazy over Marlon and Michael, and for years, bought every picture, magazine clipping etc I could find on them. Those were the days of “Right On” magazine and the exclusive pictures and interviews they were privy to. I remember the magazine edition that had a double spread picture of Michael laying by the pool. I remember that picture like it was yesterday. We didn’t always appreciate those days, but I am glad I grew up in the 70s. Musicians had to have talent. The Jacksons were no exception, and they proved that they still have “it” so many years later. Jackie Jackson mentioned in an interview that they might have a permanent home for the show in Vegas. I say yea to that. You know who’ll be sitting in the front row!

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Jackson Five


I was really into my music, and the Jackson Five were my favorite group. I bought every magazine that had pictures of them. I joined one of their fan clubs. Their pictures were all over my room. I bought every album they put out. I was a fanatic. My two favorites were Michael and Marlon. The band toured Melbourne in the 70s and I was right there. It was the first concert I had been to, and I went with my cousin Marvin. She was older than me, and I don’t think she was as into them as I was, but she came with me.